King Caleb and The Rasta Generation Band

This very Authentic band and singer Has been together for over 40 years..playing with the New Rasta Generation Reggae Band, based in Sacramento, California.   New Rasta Generation formerly known as the Front Line Rockers, the band was founded in 1985 by lead singer  King Caleb, from Blue Mountain Peaks,  Jamaica. King Caleb Founded and produced Black Spade Records  and has performed with his band throughout  the San Francisco Bay Area  and  the entire state of California since the 1980’s.


King Caleb started singing about 5 years old in Jamaica, and has released over 10 albums, performing with and opening  for  Such greats as:
the legendary  "Josey Wales", Nicodemus, Andrew Tosh, Dennice the Menace, Papa Leslie, King Yellowman, Culture,  "Mighty Sparrow", Burning Spear, Mikey Dread, Brimstone and many, many more..


King Caleb and The Rasta Generation Band Recorded their first album in 1987 in New York under his record Label “Black Spade Records” where he worked with and produced mega hits that were only: "quietly released".

Black Spade Records  first hit was Time Dread with such hits as
"Darling You","Earthquake"  and "Poor Man’s Prayer"  just to name a few. In 1989 with the newest edition to The Rasta generation Band was Miss Mack. Together, King Caleb  and Miss Mack Released a Second album entitled  "Stand By Jah" in 1990 Featuring Miss Mack.  From there The Rasta Generation Band pounded out song after song  while touring with Josey Wales, Nicodemus, Papa Leslie,  Fazal, Brimstone and Queen Lakeyia, King Yellow Man, Mikey Dread and any more albums were released including the “Roots Reggae” smash hit "Mama Didn’t tell me" In 1996. King Caleb and The Rasta Generation Band have performed at hundreds of venues from coast to coast. Including Caribee, Fire House 7, Full Moon Salon, Night Break, Last Day Saloon, The Waves, Chris’ New Harbor and Pier .

Psalms : 68 verse 4
Psalms : 147-148

Talks about "JAH" (as in the Jamaican "JAH" ) 
also known as "God", "Jesus Christ" and in Jamaica its "JAH Rastafari"

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